Amid Voices

by Rachel Andie

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Hassles An impressive outing for one so young. A wonderful use of voice. Rachel has created an emotive soundscape with so little, just gotta' like it.
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All instrumenation done by Rachel Andie. All lyrics and vocals by Rachel Andie.


released June 28, 2014

Rachel Andie
Rotation Records



all rights reserved


Rachel Andie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mellow folk singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Deepest Wish
It's been awhile since someone's said your name.
I understand you weren't to blame.
And even though it took awhile for him to say,
I wish something different could've happened that day.

There's something that I wish I could've known,
It was the feeling of having you before you were gone.
But it takes time, it takes love, it takes care,
And I wish all the time I could've been there.

Now you're up into the sky,
You never had your chance to fly,
I wish I had just one day to see what you'd be like,
I wish I could give you back that life that was taken from you.

Can't seem to try and Understand,
What justified it all... I still can't stand.
The thought of you being older now...
I wish it couldn't have been a choice somehow.

& they said it wouldn't hurt,
That loosing someone you never knew was easy to desert,
But I know how many times I've tried,
to get the thought of you out of my mind.

Now you're up into the sky,
Up into my frights,
Seems you weren't so small.
I wish I could've let you stand tall for yourself.

Almost thirty years today,
I wish fate would've let you stay...
Track Name: Oblivious
I said this wasn't right before,
Things don't work out this simple after this kind of war.
Why did it hurt to move so slow?
Why did I hold on so you could grow?
dadadadada dadadadada ooo00ooo

I don't know if it was things I said,
Or things I did.
Cant fight it, it was so hard to move,
Even though I told you not to beat at this,
Not to fight for it.
Something that should've been gone a long time ago,
dadadadada dadadadada

I promise I understand,
I told you I'd never leave your hand.
Do you hear me now?
Am I loud enough for you now?
Can you finally hear me now?
Nice to know that I had a voice somehow,

Seems nothing that I ever say,
Matters to you anyway.
You said a thousand times that I'd never go,
Tell me something I don't already know.
Something I don't already know.
Cause you were the one who told me so...
Track Name: Moment For a Memory
I was never meant to do anything good.
Wasn't the best even though I tried more than I could.
It doesn't even try to compare,
A moment for a memory, it just doesn't seem fair.

Try my best, but I find,
Can't erase, can't rewind,
Something I had done long ago.
Deep inside, I still try,
to find something that I could relate to to help let it go.
Though I tried to untangle my mind,
to remember all those times I thought I had lost,
They were all gone...

I've been in this room many times before,
I've turned this handle and I've walked this wooden floor,
What do you mean I can't recall?
I refuse to believe you are telling me the truth,
That once long, long ago,
I had spent my life here with you.

Try my best, but I find,
Can't record, can't rewind,
Something I had lost long ago.
Concentrate in my mind, couldn't stand this surprise,
God I wish I had thought to let it go,
I still don't know why I see the world the way it is,
I told you I can't fix it, even though I try to fix this.

Took something there for me,
You'll never be able to see.
To see...

Do I have to forget,
Something I do not regret?
It doesn't make any sense,
It doesn't make any sense.

Do I have to confess,
Something I cannot regress?
It doesn't make any sense,
It doesn't make any sense.