The Common Calamity

by Rachel Andie

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This concept album, The Common Calamity, is centered around the chaos that every human being endures. Rachel Andie believes that in order to understand and respect one another, we need to understand that we are all dealing with the same hardships, but that we all experience them together. The Common Calamity starts off with a spoken word poem (The Loather and The Lover), identifying how beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The album continues with a wide range of different perspectives -- life in a capitalist society, a father loosing his child to abortion, a woman who suffers from dementia, a homeless man's view of the world, and many more.


released August 9, 2016

Lead Guitar - Matthew Tartaglia
Cello - Melanie Hsu
Flute - Kavian Bina
Trumpet - Drew Deckah
Drums - Rhys Evans
Special thanks to Truong Ta & R.L. Higgins
Joe Venango at Everloft Studios - Chalfont, PA



all rights reserved


Rachel Andie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mellow folk singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Intro (The Loather & The Lover)
I've been sitting on this thought for some time now,
To be able to see the world through anothers eye...
Would it change your perspectives?
Would it alter your intentions?
Would it challenge your everyday objectives?
Life is to one as death is to another,
What he may adore, may be hated by his brother.
& something so small, simple, and sweet,
could be challenging, impossible, and not very discreet.
To climb a mountain by a writer,
To create a novel by a hitchhiker,
Beauty to one is pure disgrace to another,
Behold the eyes of the loather, & the lover.
Track Name: Pretend
Forget the things we called our own,
Our pride is safe, but not what follows.
It's too late for a recall, why let it go so we can let it fall?
& I know it's hard for us to resist,
It's human nature to feel like this.
It'll be too late for these things to end,
We must pretend, We must pretend.
There's no one to blame, no fingers to point,
We're on our own here when we can't handle noise.
We loosen our eyelids like we button our clothes,
You cannot hide it let the storm go.
& I know it's hard for us to resist,
It's human nature to feel like this.
It'll be too late for these things to end,
We must pretend, We must pretend.
Track Name: Grounded
Correct me if I am wrong,
but this feels like the tipping point of the edge,
But I still hold on cause without truth we'll have nothing left.
& it takes time and that I've realized,
& I've arrived to the conclusion, no one is really alive.
We live in boxes and our feet are grounded
when we were meant for the plains, if I could only explain.
& we've seen the worst of it all, from our greatest fears below to the curtain before our own downfall.
To let go is something I've learned to know, cause to hold on will only stunt our minds from growth.
& it takes time to not feel victimized,
& I've arrived to see that we have still survived.
We breathe the air that had everything there that was made for you & me,
If we could open up and see, and believe.
Track Name: Over The Forest
Trace my spine with the tips of your soft & subtle lips.
& cradle your love in me, and hold me tightly.
For once I feel alive, carry me inside, and dim the lights.
Want you to know one thing, you're quite a special something.
In the valley over the forest lies a place that has held me so dear,
& you'll see that all my love shown is only what this home has shown me so dear.
Follow me let's breach the envision that we've been divided by some common ground, if you knew only what we can do if we spread every feeling of love & devow.
Follow me let's breach the envision that we've been divided by some common ground, if you knew only what we can do if we spread every feeling of love & devow.
Track Name: Treading
I've always seen thunder as evidence that I could fear harm not yet present,
It's felt the way it always has I still haven't been able to transcend it.
For you, for you, for you, for you.
Don't know if you've heard about this treading on us this isn't the big of it we could get rid of it it's all early or this.
They claim it ain't them and we say, okay then well who could've done this shit? Can we rewrite this script? Cause I'm tired, with the big lies and hot rides and who tries to finalize my inner prize like it's right to exercise my beauty as worthless as the paper that y'all like to play with.
For you, for you, for you, for you.
Whoever has control over the media, all of these images and all of this criteria, control the culture that we live in, the propaganda that we listen to, and we don't ever seem to question as to why or who is manifesting our reality, for all the things they'd like out of you and out of me
So tell me how long will it take for us to awake to this eugenicist, socialist, capitalist pyramid scheme?
For you, for you,
Cause I've given you everything, & now what do I have?
Track Name: Deepest Wish
It's been awhile since someone's said your name,
I understand you weren't to blame.
& even though it took awhile for him to say,
I wish something different could've happened that day.
Something I wish I could've known, was the feeling of having you before you were gone.
But it takes time it takes love it takes care.
& I wish all the time I could've been there.
Now you're up into the sky, you never had your chance to fly,
I wish I had just one day, to see what you'd be like,
I wish I could give you back that life that was taken from you.
Can't seem to try and understand, what justified it all I still can't stand.
The thought of you being older now,
I wish it couldn't have been a choice somehow.
& they said it wouldn't hurt,
that loosing someone you never knew was easy to desert.
But I don't know how many times I've tried,
to get the thought of you out of my mind.
Now you're up into the sky,
Up into my frights,
Seems you weren't so small,
I wish I could've let you stand tall for yourself.
Almost thirty years today,
I wish fate could've let you stay.
Track Name: Moment For A Memory
I was never meant to do anything good,
Wasn't the best even though I tried more than I could.
It doesn't even try to compare,
A moment for a memory, it just doesn't seem fair.
Try my best but I find, can't erase can't rewind,
something i had done long ago,
Deep inside I still try to find something that I could relate to, to help let it go,
Though I tried, to untangle my mind, to remember all the times I thought I had lost, they were all gone.
I've been in this room many times before,
I've turned this handle and I've walked this wooden floor.
What do you mean I can't recall?
I refuse to believe you are telling me the truth,
That once long, long ago, I had spent my life here with you.
Try my best but I find, can't record can't rewind something I had lost long ago, concentrate in my mind, couldn't stand this surprise,
God I wish I had thought to let this go,
I still don't know why I see the world the way it is, I told you I can't fix it, even though I try to fix this.
Took something there for me, you'll never be able to see.
Do I have to forget, something I do not regret,
it doesn't make any sense, it doesn't make any sense.
Do I have to confess, something I do not regress,
It doesn't make any sense, it doesn't make any sense.
Track Name: Father, Father
Didn't it take time for the world to fall apart?
Did it take everything I had to praise a silly toy in my heart?
Did it take everything? Did it miss me underneath?
Did it try to board a river that wasn't put together?
They don't need heaven where we go.

Thought I could never let this one go,
Wish it wasn't true but it just doesn't seem so.
Did it take everything? Did it miss me underneath?
Did it try to board a river that wasn't put together?
They don't need heaven where we go.
Track Name: Brighter Side Of You
Have I just waited for too long?
Or held on just a tad bit strong,
I cannot listen to my thoughts,
They cause unnecessary blocks.
Is it an image from me?
Or a twisted fantasy?
I know in my head all things are prevalent.
They carry meaning to the words,
Are they there, or overheard?
I do not understand to why,
We hold our bodies in this sly.
Does it affect a part of me?
Well almost certainly,
If I could pick & choose I'd choose
The brighter side of you,
The brighter side of you.

You say this isn't who I am,
You're telling me?
How couldn't I see,
I'm your mirror remember?
Swallow my pride and die inside,
I'd never take a part of you to a state of surrender.
So how can you do it when it's me?
You go against every single thing you say,
You know it ain't the same thing.
Turn back my watch another hour,
I'll watch the sun go down on fire,
& it'll feel just like the brighter side of you.
The brighter side of you.
Track Name: The Game of Life (I Lost...)
When I was just a little boy,
They told me that I could change the world,
But it doesn't seem that things have turned out that way.
& when I look back now, to all the things I thought I had control over,
I was wrong, I was dead wrong.
I lost...I lost...I lost my head again,
How long has it been?

I see the people walk by,
& realize that I have nothing left to offer but
Just a little peace, and comfort.
Sitting there, with a few weeks of unwashed hair,
Curled up inside my coat,
& it's dusty and ragged and old...
I lost...I lost...I lost...
The game of life, how long 'till I end this strife?
It's been awhile, it's been awhile,
Since I've seen myself,
Oh I've asked & I've asked for help.
& you look at me like I'm some disgusting thing
I know, I'm not that pleasing to see but please please believe,
I am still a human being, I am still a human being,
I am still a human being, I still believe in things.
Track Name: Avalanches
Well you remind me of what I'd like to be,
You burn so bright it warms my eyes,
You help me see.
You become your own energy,
Your actions speak the way you held true to believe.
Avalanches cannot stop your melody,
You carry your sunlight for everyone to see.
Gentle hands and gentle hearts,
So we can breathe.
Forgiving of all no matter how small our patience may be,
We become our own energies,
Our actions speak the ways we held true to believe
Avalanches cannot stop our melodies,
We carry our sunlight for everyone,
For me.
You can't fight the sunlight,
The reason why we see,
& you can try to deny,
The reason why we believe
In something we can't see.
Track Name: Astral Projection
You are the shooting star that I see from my window at night,
& you are the morning sun, you'll never know the power of your light,
Until you try...
& oh dadada oh dadada oh dadada, & oh...
There is a shining light and it burns from the back of your eyes,
Though you don't think it makes any sense,
To believe in something you call nonsense.
Although, dadada, Although, dadada, Although, dadada, Although...